Welcome to Wepack Asean 2023 in Malaysia

Welcome to Wepack Asean 2023 in Malaysia

Welcome to Wepack Asean 2023 in Malaysia

Venue: Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre Hall 2 & Hall 3
Dates: November 22nd-24th, 2023
Photo: Photo by Esmonde Yong on Unsplash
Source: wepackasean-expo.com

Organized by RX (China) in cooperation with the World Packaging Organization (WPO), WEPACK ASEAN is an exhibition for the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry. The expo is a trade platform dedicated to upstream and downstream industry chains of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing industry.

WEPACK ASEAN encompasses four themed exhibitions, including Corrugated ASEAN 2023, FoldingCarton ASEAN 2023, DPrint ASEAN 2023, Paper ASEAN 2023. WEPACK ASEAN 2023 in Malaysia will impact both Southeast Asia and Asia as a whole.

Preserving WEPACK’s core intention to offer coverage “across the entire packaging and printing industry chain”, the exhibit covers the whole supply chain, from raw materials to processing to finished packaging and the terminal market. The event fully connects upstream and downstream segments of the industry.

WEPACK ASEAN marks the launch of a highly influential event. The expo will encourage inter-industry interaction and trade, tailored specifically to Southeast Asia’s unique packaging and printing industry characteristics.

Boosting Asean Packaging Industry

Organised by RX (China), in strategic cooperation with WPO (World Packaging Organisation), WEPACK ASEAN is built on the needs of the Southeast Asian packaging and printing market.

WEPACK ASEAN 2023 will be based in Malaysia, radiation Southeast Asia region and the whole Asia.The exhibition will include the Corrugated ASEAN 2023 and FoldingCarton ASEAN 2023 for corrugated packaging processing and the Digital Printing Equipment & Technology Exhibition.

WEPACK ASEAN 2023 will bring together top suppliers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, bringing an influential industry event for communication and trade around the characteristics of the packaging and printing market in Southeast Asia.

Travelling in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of Asia’s most notable and diversified emerging industrialized countries and an emerging market economy in the world. In addition, Malaysia is a world-renowned tourist destination due to its cultural diversity, rich and varied landscapes, and attractive aesthetics.

Malaysia has a rich cultural heritage, such as the historic city of Malacca, Kuala Lumpur’s monuments, etc., as well as beautiful natural landscapes, such as the jungles of Sabah, Penang’s seaside and so on.


On-site equipment display

In order to present more outstanding exhibitor equipment to Southeast Asia, the organizer takes over 10,000 square meters of exhibition area to showcase exhibitors’ new equipment and packaging solutions to professional visitors in Southeast Asia. It is a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to introduce new products and technologies to the Southeast Asian market.

Industry forum

WEPACK ASEAN 2023 will hold an industry forum on site. The Forum will invite local reputed enterprises and associations to the scene and share with visitors and exhibitors the industry’s first-hand dynamics and lure many small and medium-sized packaging enterpriseses in Southeast Asia to visit and learn about the cutting-edge information in the global industry and gain insight into the latest industry trends.

Overseas trade match-making

The organizer will set up an exclusive trade match-matching area at the exhibition site and offer exclusive trade services to exhibitors and overseas buyers having clear purchasing needs, so as to realize one-on-one targeted supply-demand docking and assist exhibitors in steadily developing international influence and market share during the special period.

MCCMA Annual Dinner

The Malaysian Corrugated Carton Manufacturers’ Association (MACCMA) Annual Meeting will be held on November 23. It is expected to gather 1200 packaging industry elites, local carton factories, packaging plant owners and local state officials in Malaysia on site. At the meeting, exhibitors can meet local industry KOLs in Southeast Asia and quickly integrate into the local market.

Get Free Tickets Here: https://az.infosalons.com.cn/reg/as23/registeren/login

Full Website Information: https://www.wepackasean-expo.com/en-gb.html

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